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Scent Detection

Scent detection is essential for high-level working dogs, particularly for K-9 and police. At TRS we teach all aspects of scent-detection training. A few of the categories listed below are requirements for our Master Trainer Program.

Cadaver Search

We teach students how to train their dogs to properly identify and find a object that is scented with a human cadaver.  Building the dog's confidence and how to make the find in a timely manner and how to teach the dog to properly indicate in order to show the handler where the find is.  Our Master Trainer students are tested on this requirement.  

One-Acre Gun/Knife Search

Our students are taught how to train their dogs to find a gun/knife hidden in tall grass on command, and how to indicate to the hander that the dog found the object that the dog is searching for. We also teach our students how to properly reward the dog during training as well as when the dog makes the find in a real situation. 

100-Square-Foot Key Search

Here we teach students how to train dogs to find something as small as a single key lost in a field using proper casting and properly directing the dog to quickly and effectively search an area.

Narcotics Search

Narcotics detection is crucial part of scent detection, in high demand from potential clients. At TRS, some narcotics-detection training is required for most courtses. We offer different types of training and tests:

Wall Search

We we require that each professional student teach one of their dogs how to find and indicate on two different narcotic odors. We test them by having their dog find five finds in five minutes on a rock wall located at the TRS training center.

Auto Search

Master students must train one of their dogs three different odors. In this test the dog has to find three finds in the three different odors on eight vehicles. This exercise is timed and tested similar to the way a police dog would be tested.

Garage Search

This is another requirement for our master students. They are required to teach their dogs to find three different odors and three finds in a garage. This exercise is also timed and is tested to police-dog standards.

Building Search

The third required skill for our master students is they must be able to teach their dog to find one odor in a 5,000-sqare-foot building. Again, this exercise is timed and tested similar to police-dog standards.

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