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Master Dog Trainer Program

Master Dog Trainer Program

Length: 20 weeks

Cost of Attendance: $18,000


The Tom Rose School, LLC Master Dog Trainer Program prepares you for future employment in this industry. This program includes lectures, video instruction, discussions, demonstrations and most importantly: hands-on training with our instructors. 

 The Master Dog Trainer Program challenges you to develop unique training methods and problem-solving techniques. Rather than teaching a single method for use in each exercise, we show you techniques and strategies to help you determine the training needs suitable to each individual dog. As the program progresses, independent study becomes a more and more valuable learning tool to our students. This intensive course focuses on hands-on training and allows students to gain experience working with a wide range of dog personalities and training obstacles. This program will prepare you to compete at high levels in national and international trials and events, successfully join a dog training business or start your own business. 

Our students learn how to evaluate puppies/dogs and choose the right one for specific tasks, how to properly imprint puppies, the usage and application of the four quadrants, the concept of classical and operant conditioning, how to plan their training sessions depending on each individual dog, understand behavioral psychology in dogs, proper use of tools in training, how to balance their training between positive and negative motivation, and learn and demonstrate the difference between training pet dogs, sport dogs, service dogs, personal protection dogs and police K9 dogs. Students learn advanced skills in tracking, scent detection, agility, pet obedience, competition obedience, search and rescue, protection, service dog skills, and client interaction. 

The Master Dog Trainer Program consists of a mixture of hands-on training (lab hours), lectures, supervised study sessions, attending trials, outdoor training, workshops, seminars, training with police K9 Units, supervised study sessions, independent study sessions, and electronic media presentations. 

Class is held Tuesday through Saturday beginning at 9am and concluding at 3:30pm with a lunch break daily.

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